January 23, 2006

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Modern Chinese Marxism

Time's at a premium at the moment, which is a shame because the revival of Marxism story continues apace, reports Pravda SCMP:

While Marxism is in decline throughout the world, China has taken the lead in the development of the communist ideology, according to a mainland theorist. Cheng Enfu , executive president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' new Academy of Marxism, said Communist Party leaders had never been so keen to push Marxism forward...

Professor Cheng insisted that Marxist theory could still be applied to the problems China was facing in a market-oriented environment, adding that Japanese Marxist economists had been playing a crucial role in Tokyo's policymaking...

Professor Cheng said Beijing aimed to modernise Marxism by building a theoretical system with Chinese characteristics and style, adding that this would contribute to advance and modernise the ideology worldwide. He said China provided a favourable environment for further development and modernisation of Marxism. "Firstly, we have provided the world a new economic theory - what is now called the `socialist market economy'," Professor Cheng said. "Secondly, China has set a precedent by becoming the first to successfully build a socialist market economic system. And finally, we have advanced the Marxist theory of economics in many areas."

China's current economic system bears more than a passing resembelence to that beast known as capitalism...that's what everyone took "socialist market economy" to mean. I know the CCP has been trying to fill an ideological void since it essentially abandoned communism, but Marxism? I imagine Karl wouldn't be too impressed.

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Confucianism and Marxism
Excerpt: Simon has a link to an (unlinkable) South China Morning Post piece on how the CCP plans to modernize Marxism, thus keeping it at the center of official ideology:Professor Cheng said Beijing aimed to modernise Marxism by building a
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Taking a page out of his mentor, Hu Yaobang's playbook. It didn't help Hu to survive the counter-attack by the hard liners by '87 or Zhao in '89, but the work done in the early/mid-80s on revising Marxism were keys to Deng putting the economic reforms back in to the forefront by '91.

posted by: Tom - Daai Tou Laam on 01.23.06 at 01:45 PM [permalink]

Hey Simon you're shortlisted for the Bloggie for Best Asian Blog. You're in good company - the other nominees are decent.

posted by: Spirit Fingers on 01.23.06 at 05:58 PM [permalink]

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