January 18, 2006

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Shiny happy Hong Kongers

Festive happy Hong Kongers baffle FCC members.

Film at 11.

posted by Simon on 01.18.06 at 03:41 PM in the Hong Kong people category.


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Which Hong Kong is this? Sorry?

posted by: doug on 01.18.06 at 05:49 PM [permalink]

I can't shake the feeling that there's something missing in that 'report' ...

I know! The punchline!

posted by: Argleblaster on 01.18.06 at 09:52 PM [permalink]

That guy needs to get out more.
As someone who bops regularly back and forth between "the motherland" and here, I was suprised that he wasn't also shocked and awed that he didn't see Hong Kongers spraying green goobers in public and on elevators, relieving themselves on the sidewalk and in bushes, being charged extra for toilet paper and napkins and obeying traffic rules and regulations.

posted by: Justin on 01.19.06 at 10:55 AM [permalink]

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