January 13, 2006

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KJI is in da 'hood

A bewildered community of Americans getting ready to adopt Chinese kids are unceremoniously kicked out of Guangzhou's White Swan Hotel for "an important meeting", namely the arrival (by train, most probably) of North Korea's Kim Jong Il. From an anonymous source, today KJI is in Shenzhen. The cover story they are using is a visit to some high tech factories, but that doesn't wash. Have you ever seen North Korea and high tech in the same sentence (this one excluded)? No, the Kimster is doing what everyone does in Shenzhen: he's stocking up on fake DVDs, perhaps a spot of golf (fake clubs included), some shopping for the concubines (Chloe fake handbags, Channel fake sunnies) and a "rest stop" at a karaoke bar.

Hong Kong kicks out 11 South Koreans yet we're so close to welcoming one North Korea. Does it make you wonder that KJI, fearful of flying, has journeyed so far south? And that he's so close to his alleged Macanese bankers but isn't visiting....

posted by Simon on 01.13.06 at 01:02 PM in the Koreas category.


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All true, I think, perhaps just take out the word "the" in "shopping for the concubines"...

I'll never forget the US Senator that, on a too-casual reading of the North Korean dictator's name, pronouncing it "Kim Jong 2".

posted by: HK Dave on 01.13.06 at 05:43 PM [permalink]

KJ II's SZ visit a fizzle. See blog or print equivalent for perhaps hilarious, but always self deprecating details.

posted by: anonymous source repents on 01.13.06 at 10:34 PM [permalink]

Kim Jong Il might be reading AsiaPundit blog yesterday and he even commented there.

posted by: bingfeng on 01.14.06 at 08:31 AM [permalink]

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