January 13, 2006

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Why HK needs new politicians

Donald Tsang boldly leaps into the unknown and celebrates his moving into Government House by telling civil servants they can work the same number hours in a 5 day week instead of 5 and a half days. Everyone's up in arms. The grandees in Exco and Legco are annoyed because they didn't get the chance to add whatever ridiculous arguements they have for or against the proposal. So instead they parade it through the press:

James Tien, chairman of the pro-business Liberal Party, said the plan will create unnecessary pressure on the small-and-medium sized enterprises that account for about 90 percent of business firms in Hong Kong.

"This will raise expectations of staff at private firms. And if some companies choose not to follow the government's system, they will easily be branded `unscrupulous employers'," he said.

Tien called for the government to rethink the system as he believed it could drive more workers to spend weekend holidays in the mainland and thus hurt the retail and catering industry.

The horror, the horror. It is actually a skill to think up such inanities.

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"Unscrupulous employers" - well, there's something to be said for accuracy in job advertising, after all.

posted by: Argleblaster on 01.13.06 at 09:06 PM [permalink]

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