December 30, 2005

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Shut down Xinhua, China

China winning war on Internet pornography, proclaims the China Daily. Almost 600 sites have been shut by the end of November. But all is not well in Pleasantville:

"Due to the specialized nature of Internet technology, there are still some places where pornography exists," he added. "Harmful information on overseas sites can still be transmitted internally, and a minority of people try to use the Web to carry out illegal activities."
To help the censors, I've found one website they might like to take a look at...


A couple of samplers:

1. Luring Bikini girls in movies.

2. Jennifer Lopez on the beach.

3. Anything from the "Entertainment" section of the website.

posted by Simon on 12.30.05 at 03:44 PM in the China internet category.


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