December 29, 2005

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Daily linklets 29th December

The back from the tummy bug edition...

posted by Simon on 12.29.05 at 04:01 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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ugh, that Abiola guy at Foreign dispatches is such a blow hard. Takes himself way too seriously and gets ape-shit when someone even offers an alternative hypothesis. Remind me not to visit his blog again.

posted by: Jing on 12.30.05 at 04:33 AM [permalink]

China's GDP total will pass USA in 15-20 years (PPP), but GDP/cap may never pass US level.

using PPP would be correct in this case if one assumes RMB needs to appreciate to converge with its PPP

posted by: sun bin on 12.30.05 at 08:51 AM [permalink]

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