December 22, 2005

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Hong Kong: World City?

People have been debating for several years about whether or not Hong Kong truly is a World City, and whether the label Asia's World City is really appropriate for a city with such a homogenous population.

Well, today at the opening of the rather ambitious exhibition facility near the airport called the Asiaworld-Expo, Donald Tsang unintentionally gave us some insight into this claim:

When we adopted the brandname ‘Asia’s World City’ for Hong Kong a few years ago, it was intended to be partly descriptive and partly aspirational. We have since been working hard to live up to the promise of being a premier city in the region and beyond. With the opening of AsiaWorld-Expo, we have turned another small part of our vision into reality.
So the Don is admitting that Hong Kong is trying, but it ain't there yet...

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Well, "World City" counts a whole number of criteria and a homogenous population is actually rather here nor there. GaWC (Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network), based at Loughborough University had the following study, which rates Hong Kong with 10 points (London, Paris, NYC and Tokyo get the full 12), putting it equal with Singapore. Demographics for Tokyo have 3% non-Japanese, compared with 4% in Hong Kong for non-Chinese. Singapore is actually the most multicultural (Chinese 77%, Malay 14%, Indian 7.6%, other 1.4%) of the 3 Asian "Alpha" World Cities...

posted by: Jonathan Stanley on 12.23.05 at 01:45 AM [permalink]

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