December 15, 2005

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Raising and saving money

In many cities there are books called Entertainment Guides. These books include discount coupons at various restaurants and other places in the city. The best part is typically some of the book's proceeds go to a charity or non-profit group, and from my experience in Sydney the book quickly pays for itself in saved bills.

I'm please to say Hong Kong now has it's own version: 123 Book.

If you click that link, you'll be taken to the order page for the book and it's a simple, two step process. The proceeds if you click that link will go to my daughter's school building fund. So you can feel virtuous that you will be helping future generations learn and get cheap meals at the same time. To help convince you, here's a listing of current places offering 2 for 1 meals under the scheme. Lots of good places already signed up, and more to come. And if you have a restaurant, you should join up - I certainly know that my family will usually first look in the book for a place to go eat...and if we like we go back (sans discount).

The sooner you order, the sooner you start saving.

So what are you waiting for? Click now!


Update 12/15

The book arrived exactly one day after purchase. Lots of good places and good discounts on offer. Have you bought yours yet?

posted by Simon on 12.15.05 at 04:56 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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I've owned the Entertainment books in the USA and, as you say, they are great. But, experience tells me that each individual coupon has restrictions that sometimes make them difficult to use. How do you find the individual coupons in the book? Do they have blackout dates on each coupon, other than the dates described on the website (holidays and the day before holidays)?
There are a bunch of restaurants on the list that we frequent...and would like to frequent. Would be a cool deal for the coming year.

posted by: GZ Expat on 12.13.05 at 07:46 PM [permalink]

I've not yet received my copy of the book so I can't tell you, but it seems pretty clear and from previous experience the black periods are quite limited.

posted by: Simon on 12.13.05 at 09:02 PM [permalink]

My experience with coupon books of this type in the U.S. is that the restaurants offering such coupons are ususally "touristy" type places with moderately high prices and bland food.

Not my kind of places (after all, I am a "gun-toting epicurean misanthrope" per my profile).

posted by: Guns and Butter/The Asianist on 12.15.05 at 04:05 PM [permalink]

It does contain a two for one special at Fenwicks

posted by: abcd on 12.15.05 at 05:16 PM [permalink]

I am from The 123 Book, and would like to add a few points of clarification to the above comments.

Participating outlets: Please refer to for a full listing. You are very likely to recognize most of these restaurants and bars. However, there are a number of BRAND new restaurants also included (i.e. Havana, Tabu, The Jockey). The focus of the book is on expat dining/drinking areas of town (Soho, LKF, Wan Chai).

Restrictions: The coupons are valid either anytime, for dinner, or for lunch. Interestingly, it worked out that about 1/3 of the book falls into each category. Thus, at any one meal you should have 2/3rds of the book available to you.

Most coupons do not limit the day of the week, however, there are individual restrictions on some coupons (i.e. not valid on Friday (mainly bars in LKF)). That said, there are also a couple of FREE coupons that don’t even require you to buy anything.

The bottom line is that throughout the year, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to use The 123 Book on many occassions. To recover the cost of the book only takes 1-3 uses throughout the entire year.

Better yet, The 123 Book donates 50% of its profit to charity/non-profit groups (in this case, the Kellett School). In essence, it is a FREE donation for you that allows you to save money at places you probably already go or new places that you can try for half-price.

posted by: The 123 Book on 12.18.05 at 09:58 AM [permalink]

Bought mine...just waiting for it. Have to have it sent to our HK office and then passed on to me in GZ.

Good luck with the fund-raising!

posted by: GZ Expat on 01.11.06 at 01:35 PM [permalink]

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