December 13, 2005

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Daily linklets 13th December

A WTO free zone...

posted by Simon on 12.13.05 at 12:27 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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Cina: il regime cerca di nascondere la repressione a Dongzhou
Excerpt: Accolgo l'invito di Enzo Reale e diffondo questo post sui fatti del villaggio cinese di Dongzhou.Lo trascrivo in inglese, così se qualcuno dalla Cina riesce a leggere il mio blog (finché non finisce sulla lista nera delle autorità
Weblog: Gino
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the EAS article linked by Marmot's is a pretty old one. it makes a mistake about the NE Asia meeting - which has nothing to do with EAS, but just a side meeting taking advantage of the logistics.

the people's daily article it refers to is here

p.s. why was the link censored?

posted by: sun bin on 12.13.05 at 01:12 PM [permalink]

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