November 21, 2005

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The loneliest mouse

On her way back from APEC, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo enjoyed a day out at Hong Kong Disneyland with her family. She does not qualify for the current HK$50 discount on the admission price for locals. But the SCMP confirms anecdotal reports that HK Disneyland is woefully patronised.

A South China Morning Post headcount of visitors to Disneyland has revealed that fewer than 13,000 people visited on a weekend day less than a week after the amusement park introduced discounted rates for Hong Kong residents. Disney and the government have refused to reveal the park's daily attendance figures, but a count of visitors entering Disney carried out by the Post last week showed that 12,972 people visited on Sunday November 13, and 11,399 entered last Wednesday.
At the same time, David Webb is again asking the HK Government to install independent directors on the HKITP board, despite a promise in 1999 to do so. HKITP is the company overseeing Disneyland and has four Disney and 5 Government ministers as members. The Government put in about HK$22 billion out of the $27.5 billion the park cost, and got a 57% equity stake. Disney themselves have said the park has cost them US$100 million this year in losses.

If you can't work out why the Government put up 80% of the money for a 57% equity stake and 55% of board members, don't bother applying to join the world's best public service.

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