November 16, 2005

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Reality blogging + Open thread

Thanks for the great thoughts and comments in response to my post on collaborative blogging (and feel free to keep adding more thoughts and opinions). I am going to follow the great suggestion of Spirit Fingers. Potential contributors will have a 2 week trial period of posting here. At the end of the two weeks the you, me and the contributor can all look at the result and decide if there's a mutually compatible future in the offing. If anyone is interested, let me know.

I'll be travelling the next few days with limited blogability. I'll leave you all in Dave's extremely capable hands. Alternatively, feel free to use the comments to talk about whatever you like - that's right, an open thread.

posted by Simon on 11.16.05 at 06:19 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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I'll start - there was an interesting story in The Standard the other day which I forgot to link asking a simple question: while Beijing may get all the stadia ready for the Olympics, they are lacking far behind on the technical side of things i.e. actually running the sports and events themselves. Is that a microcosm of China? All surface, no depth? Form over substance?

posted by: Simon on 11.16.05 at 07:12 PM [permalink]

And on a completely different note, what is it with people who wash their hands before they go to the toilet? After is good hygiene, before is perverse.

posted by: Simon on 11.16.05 at 08:09 PM [permalink]

What if we don't like your stuff Simes? Do you get booted out? Or is it like Hong Kong democracy?

posted by: fumier on 11.16.05 at 08:17 PM [permalink]

I'm going to establish a committee to look into it, and once I deem you all mature enough to vote, I'll let you know and take the results under advisement.

posted by: Simon on 11.16.05 at 08:38 PM [permalink]

in other words, no.

posted by: Phil on 11.17.05 at 02:07 PM [permalink]

I think as long as you know the results of the vote in advance, you should be O.K.

posted by: HKMacs on 11.18.05 at 07:32 AM [permalink]

[Comment deleted - in case you are wondering, some rant on religion]

posted by: grandpa stole bets on 11.20.05 at 03:05 AM [permalink]

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