November 15, 2005

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China and Zimbabwe

China baldly announced today that it was stepping up law enforcement cooperation efforts with Zimbabwe, that African breadbasket economy turned into a basket-case thanks to the idiotic, repressive, anti-Western, autarkist Robert Mugabe.

According to the China Daily article I reference, the public security departments in the two countries will learn from each other's methods "in a bid to crack down on crimes against the two countries and the two peoples." They are going to focus on keeping order at border-crossings and "create a better environment for people to people contact," whatever that means.

Sadly, I am sure Mugabe's thugs could learn a lot from China's PSB. Let us hope China has no more lessons to learn from a tinpot dictator that plays the anti-colonial card whenever he's in trouble, and whose reign has long outlived its usefulness.

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