November 14, 2005

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The Prince Charles Hong Kong Diaries

I never much cared for Prince Charles. As an Australian (small "r") republican, he is the offspring of a Greek anti-semite and an in-bred German, who by dint of genetics is wealthy enough to not have a real job and famous for being himself. He decided he preferred a pruny hag over a young hottie as a lover and feels he is qualified to pontificate on whatever he likes because he's, you know, royal. But perhaps I need to alter my view. Turns out Prince Chuck has made a habit of sharing his "real" thoughts on various events with around 100 of his nearest and dearest. Just three days after President Hu visits the UK, lo and behold the Prince's thoughts on the Hong Kong handover ceremony are shared with the world:

In the journal, he described Chinese diplomats at a ceremony as "appalling old waxworks", the paper [Mail on Sunday] reported.

He also allegedly called a speech by then-Chinese president Jiang Zemin as propaganda, and slated the function as an "awful Soviet-style" performance. The newspaper reported that the Prince wrote: "After my speech, the President detached himself from the group of appalling old waxworks who accompanied him and took his place at the lectern. "He then gave a kind of "propaganda" speech which was loudly cheered by the bussed-in party faithful at the suitable moment in the text."

He considered the ceremony a "ridiculous rigmarole" (unlike, say, a royal coronation). Perhaps we've finally uncovered Hemlock's identity? The SCMP relates this interesting bit:
Prince Charles also talks of his flight arrangements for the handover ceremony. Initially, he was puzzled "as to why the seat seemed so uncomfortable" before discovering he had been put in club class while political dignitaries had been seated in first class. "Such is the end of empire," he writes.
His royal posterior is not used to such seating. I can reveal other parts of the report...

Rather bumpy landing at yet another colony of our ancestors got around a bit. Flew in over some shanty town called "Kowloon" and could see what the poor dears were eating for breakfast. It certainly didn't look like kippers and tea. Rather attractive stewardess on the flight, reminds me a bit of Camilla...

Got off the plane in the usual regalia and discovered that summer here is hot. And humid. It's a little squidgy in my underpants! Met some fat Englishman who tells me he's the Governor here, which is nice as he seems like a good Tory. No dobut he'll be back here one day flogging a book of his experiences while everyone remembers what a great chap he was, even though they all despise him now...

They've put me up at a rather nice place called Government House. Good old colonial place, but could do with a fishpond or two...

My, there are a lot of Chinese here...

It turns out I'm here to yet again witness another bit of the Empire dropping off and going its own way. Not a word of thanks for all the things we've done for them. This time they won't even join the Commonwealth. At least I got a tour of the nice new airport - plenty of British firms doing work there. Nice way to sneak a fair bit of cash I believe we had stashed here back to the Old Dart. That Patten chap isn't as dumb as he seems...

The handover ceremony was a miserable affair and such is my lot that I had to sit on stage, stay awake and smile. It's not easy. No wonder Mummy didn't want to come. The Chinese army came marching in - might need to get the troop at the Palace to come over and learn a few things...

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Ha Ha, Simon, that was really quite a nice bit of improv with the last quote. Still, some diplomatic shockers from Bonnie Prince Charlie eh?

I've always thought anyone that was, in his own words, 'intensely passionate about farming' was a bit suspect...but then I've lived with concrete under my feet almost all my life.

posted by: HK Dave on 11.14.05 at 11:39 AM [permalink]

I've always had a bit of a softspot for Charlie-boy. Maybe because he had the misfortune to be the offspring of a Greek anti-semite and an in-bred German, who by dint of genetics has to do a job I'd really hate, and couldn't avoid being famous for just being himself. Oh, and of course I approve that he preferred a pruny hag over a dumb blonde, and is willing to occassionally speak his mind.

I think he'd make a great king: he's daft, a bit simple, a bleeding heart, easy to take the piss out of, and eminently ignorable.

posted by: David on 11.14.05 at 12:05 PM [permalink]

"Prince Charles has launched legal action against Associated Newspapers over its publication of extracts from his diaries in the Mail on Sunday."
http://news .bbc

posted by: LfC on 11.19.05 at 12:30 AM [permalink]

I don’t agree with HRH the Prince of Wales on a lot of things, but I have to hand it to him on (a) organic farming; and (b) his right to have his own opinion in these diaries.
   I agree with him on a great deal in what he has written—name a speech from a post-1949 Red Chinese “leader” that is not propaganda—and you wonder why the Prince does not speak his mind more often. Probably because that Dimbleby interview backfired so badly.
   But for once, I hope the guy wins his lawsuit—copyright alone would say that he should. Or the Mail can darn well pay for republishing his journal extracts.
   Now, if HRH would blog as well as he has diarized, then he would earn a great of respect from me. Why not be the first royal from a ruling house to go online, express himself, hear what we have to say in return, and get wit’ the programme?

posted by: Jack Yan on 11.19.05 at 08:50 AM [permalink]

You know what Prince Charles sounds like? He sounds like somebody who is really unhappy being a prince. He sounds like a whiny 14 year old boy who is dragged to church every sunday by his mommy. Oh Drats- more official duties to perform.... geez- they put me in club class... great- more politician I don't care for.... what's this fatso's name again?... this kowloon place- what a dump.....

If he is so unhappy performing his princely ceremonial duties- why doesn't he just quit? Just pretend he's gone crazy- not the first british monarch to do so! I don't know who looks more like old waxwork- Prince Charles with his forced, sad smile, or Jiang with his mechanical evil grin.

posted by: Jesse Lee on 11.30.05 at 07:42 AM [permalink]

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