November 07, 2005

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Polly funnies

Sometimes I don't know how these politicians can keep a straight face. EU trade chief Peter Mandleson has urged China to open its markets to EU goods and quell piracy and counterfeiting. At the same time China urges the EU to lift its arms embargo and China finally reaches a textiles agreement with America. Something about stones and glasshouses.

Even Donald Tsang is in on the act. The Don tells us HK on verge of economic 'golden era'. Meanwhile today's SCMP front page tells us home prices have been cut 10% as home sales slide. These guys can work in show business when they've finished in politics. Maybe they already are.

posted by Simon on 11.07.05 at 09:15 AM in the China economy category.


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yes but Peter Mandelson = complete nutter.

It's true.

So whatever he says, take with a grain of salt and a tumbler of tequila.

posted by: Helen on 11.07.05 at 05:28 PM [permalink]

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