November 06, 2005

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NationMaster: Negative Reviews and Legal Threats

Continue reading if you are a blogger, familiar with American speech laws, or are considering doing business with Nation Master. Otherwise, I apologize for the off-topic post and hope the rest of your SimonWorld reading is pleasant and enjoyable...

So what does al Qaeda, Hu Jintao, and NationMaster's John Steinmetz have in common?

They all want tdaxp to shut up. Islamists for humor, China just because, and because of a bad review.


The American Library associated as said it is worth a look, while the folks at WorldChanging like its visualization resources, while they dislike its questionable support for Mozilla browsers. Other sites, such a Kent's, give no description at all.

But here is one.

Nation Master will bill you even after you cancel.

Confused? Let's try again will bill you even after you cancel

I first joined this site when I needed raw data for my graduate thesis. In the end it was useless for me, but the site is a good waste of 15 minutes. is not worth the three quarterly payments I made, the two after I stopped using or, or the one after I first demanded a refund.

The bill implies someone named Luke Metcalfe is involved in this scam. Well Lucas, if you're reading, stop it.

Any everyone else: avoid Nation Master.

Update: PS: This isn't an April Fools joke. They really are thieves.

NationMaster also objects to Viswa Priya's Nationmaster is Neither Ethical Nor Legal and NationMaster Stole My Money (Update)

The conversation between Mr. Steinmetz and myself was written

  • Steinmetz-tdaxp #1

  • tdaxp-Steinmetz #1

  • Steinmetz-tdaxp #2

  • tdaxp-Steinmetz #2

  • Steinmetz-tdaxp #3

  • tdaxp-Steinmetz #3

  • Steinmetz-tdaxp #4
  • All of these emails are archived at NationMaster Watch

    Obviously, this isn't the only case of censorship in the world. Rebecca MacKinnon has documented much worse, while parliaments chip away freedoms in Russia and America.

    posted by Dan tdaxp on 11.06.05 at 02:03 AM in the


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    I had the exact same experience: I had to really hammer them repeatedly for about a week before I received a refund.

    I had no idea I wasn't the only one.

    Thumbs down to nation master.

    posted by: pat on 11.06.05 at 05:57 AM [permalink]

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