November 03, 2005

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The price of life

The cliche says life is cheap. However, in an extraordinary story, it turns out in China life can be extremely expensive indeed. Just yesterday the NYT, Forbes and several bloggers were all over the story of American businessman David Ji's kidnapping or arrest in China.

This story leaves them for dead (pardon the pun). Mainland billionaire Yuan Baojing has seemingly bought his way out of an execution by transferring his substantial assets to the state. To use another cliche, it's today's must read.

posted by Simon on 11.03.05 at 04:41 PM in the China law category.


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it was said (also in the standard article) that he may provide some clue to solve some big corruption cases.

i am not surprised. and it could even be related to the CCB.

posted by: sun bin on 11.03.05 at 04:58 PM [permalink]

Do you know something or are you just supposing? It could be that he's prepared to flip on a big case, but it certainly seems like the "donation" is what got him off.

posted by: Simon on 11.03.05 at 05:00 PM [permalink]

Justice isn't blind here. She wouldn't be able to see the handouts if she was.

posted by: Will on 11.03.05 at 05:25 PM [permalink]

i do not know something.

it is equally likely. well, maybe bribing his life is more likely, i don't know.

i am just curious about his 'luck' in amassing this wealth. it is hard to believe there is no corruption involved.

posted by: sun bin on 11.04.05 at 01:52 AM [permalink]

more detail of the 'price'

Yuan's lawyer said he will testify against a privincial secrtary (who is Liaoning's party sec?) who accepted bribery of 120M RMB. the corruptor also is involved with drug trafficking and conterfeit money.

The reason this was delayed till the last moment was because his wife had to go directly to the central govt (presumable because local govt is also corrupted).

we will know whether this is the true reason if
1) the party sec is tried
2) if his money were donated.

posted by: sun bin on 11.05.05 at 02:58 PM [permalink]

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