October 28, 2005

You are on the invidual archive page of Wikablog. Click Simon World weblog for the main page.

Tim Worstall has put together the Wikablog. I'll let them describe the idea:

Here at Wikablog, you can, in just a couple of minutes, create a page about your blog or someone else's with a few words saying what it's about. Then other people can add to it. And you can add links to other similar blogs, and talk about the blog's history, and recount the tale of the great Himalayan Blog Controversy of 2002, and whatever else you like. Soon enough, any blog can have a detailed page on here, telling us all everything we could ever need to know about it short of bothering to read it. If you still can't imagine how valuable this service is, slap yourself.
It's a great idea and has the potential to bring order to the chaos that is the blogosphere. I've already setup a page for Simon World, which you are free to go and add to and edit. Just like the China Blog List, these directories and Wikis benefit bloggers and readers immensely. Singaporean Cowboy Caleb has a much edited and soon to be deleted Wikipedia page. Now you can set up a page on a Wiki solely dedicated to blogs. And you needn't be the blogger. Readers can setup pages on their favourite (or most disliked, I suppose) blogs.

Go check out Wikablog and edit or start a page today. (OK Tim, where's my cheque?)

posted by Simon on 10.28.05 at 10:22 AM in the Blogging category.


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