October 18, 2005

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Axis of evil meets sin

British American Tobacco turns out to have a small cigarette factory in North Korea:

The world's second largest cigarette company British American Tobacco has been operating a secret factory in North Korea for the last four years, the U.K.’s Guardian daily reported Monday...With an initial investment of US$7.1 million, BAT owns 60 percent of the joint venture. BAT-Taesong employs around 200 North Koreans.
No word on the status of the Guardian's reporter on this story.

That aside, this has brilliant potential. Given North Korea's pariah status, why doesn't KJI turn into a centre of excellence...for sin. Casinos, alcohol, cigarettes, prostitution, drugs and any of the world's ills, all produced free of guilt.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but they might make a country.

posted by Simon on 10.18.05 at 09:56 AM in the Koreas category.


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Not to forget money laundering and tax evasion. That would really make Hong Kong, Switzerland and Austria sit up and take notice

posted by: javaricho on 10.18.05 at 10:37 AM [permalink]

Prostitution in North Korea? That would give new meaning to "jumping someone's bones".

posted by: fumier on 10.18.05 at 11:21 AM [permalink]

When the Martians land, I will put the British in charge of the welcoming ceremony, the Chinese in charge of the banqueting, the Nigerians in charge of administration and the North Koreans in charge of supplying everyone with fags, booze, drugs, dykes, donks, bonks, betting slips, and Martian bank notes.

In other words, situation normal world-widely-wise.

posted by: gunlaw on 10.18.05 at 01:47 PM [permalink]

I can't get over the fact that one of the "brands" they were producing was called Craven A.... perfect irony, in a box.

posted by: Ahistoricality on 10.18.05 at 08:28 PM [permalink]

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