October 13, 2005

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Battle of the Babes

To celebrate the "A" I received in Survey of International Relations, and because that last post really burned me out, here's some eye candy:


Originally uploaded by waikeat.


Originally uploaded by Merina.

Oh my!
Originally uploaded by Maxx Manboeuf.

Originally uploaded by zchendevlemh.

Originally uploaded by zchendevlemh.

posted by Infidel on 10.13.05 at 08:13 PM in the deferred category.


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What hath I wrought?

Something awesome, that's what.

posted by: Dan tdaxp on 10.13.05 at 09:19 PM [permalink]

I hope Simon doesn't freak...but yeah they are all fine!

posted by: Infidel on 10.13.05 at 09:26 PM [permalink]

I've never seen the point of girly pictures. If you are looking for titillation, why not simply look at pornography?

posted by: Jing on 10.14.05 at 12:19 AM [permalink]

Jing I thought you had gone for good!

Welcome back!

posted by: Dan tdaxp on 10.14.05 at 12:36 AM [permalink]

I smell a blogger controversy about to erupt.

posted by: doug crets on 10.14.05 at 02:18 AM [permalink]

Erm...did I miss something since I last checked in on Simonworld? When did this become a soft-porn site? Weren't there enough visitors before?

posted by: cat on 10.14.05 at 04:48 AM [permalink]

It's amazing how two girly pic posts garner 11 commnents, but the rest receive stony silence. Between blogging and the grad school intra-net/studying, it's clear studying is the more productive use of my time. I just had to prove it for myself!

I wonder if bloggers talk instead of having sex?

posted by: Infidel on 10.14.05 at 09:56 AM [permalink]

Oh I can't wait to see the fireworks. See Lai has competition.

posted by: Phil on 10.14.05 at 11:14 AM [permalink]

Infidel - I think you are taking this too personally (especially judging by the comment on my site). A site such as Simon's which is actually an intellectually stimulating read is an unexpected venue for the girlie pics, hence the reaction.

Of course it is now an all round stimulating read.

I thought it was funny. The unexpectedness of it is certainly a source for some sarcasm fueled trackbacks and you should have expected that and indeed I am grateful you gave me the material.

Lighten up my friend. Porn blogging is an infinately better use of your time than studying.

posted by: Phil on 10.14.05 at 12:50 PM [permalink]

You had to be there kind of thing...

posted by: doug crets on 10.14.05 at 01:28 PM [permalink]


Now, if someone had remarked how much plastic surgery some of these girls needed, I'd have been forgiving. One of Flickr virtues is that you can see some of these models in less than a airbrushed light.

I still beleive that if you're given a chance to discuss for free one should take it.

Besides, I already have a wife who likes the proceeds from porn without having to compare herself with it. I don't need a blogosphere full of old windbags...oh, sorry, honey!

posted by: Infidel on 10.14.05 at 01:58 PM [permalink]

Oh Jing, you can chat with these girls on Flickr, and you don't need a credit card.

Nice post on the engines powering those Chinese phallic symbols, too.

posted by: Infidel on 10.14.05 at 02:01 PM [permalink]

Heh..You did it again!
Now that's soft porn blogging:)
After reading people's complaints here, I decide to give up for this round, I am afraid of the beating by flyingchair as well:p

posted by: lin on 10.14.05 at 02:37 PM [permalink]

You should check out FlickrLicio.us, the origional Babes of Flickr site.

There is a XXX, SFW (Safe for work), and WAP (wiresless phone) version of the site.


posted by: Nick Starr on 10.14.05 at 09:11 PM [permalink]

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