September 30, 2005

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Hong Kong boom town

Ian at False Positives has links to the Globe and Mail's survey on Hong Kong, looking at Hong Kong's booming economy, the return of Canadians to Hong Kong, an interview with the ubiquitous Allan Zeman and on the two systems theory. Ian also mentions three offline articles on HK Disneyland, the property market and praising Hong Kong's infrastructure. It seems the G & M journos managed to tick every box in the Hong Kong cliche toolbox. Ian notes the massive gap in the article - any discussion on the politics of the city.

By way of contrast Stephen Vines draws attention to the dichotomy of Donald Tsang: the difference between his vast personal ambition and his timidity in political reform:

Why is it that what is personally good for the chief executive is unrealistic for Hong Kong? As long as the SAR is prepared to aspire to no more than second best in terms of democratic development, the overall development of Hong Kong will be stunted. Realists demand the best and Hong Kong, if nothing else, is a city of realists.

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Sir Donald and Guangdon's governor are heading to a number of North American cities for a "invest in HK & Guangdong" roadshow. That's why you see such a special report from G&M.

posted by: Andrea on 09.30.05 at 02:56 PM [permalink]

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