September 27, 2005

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Well, I have to say this must-read contains nothing but the same-old. Chinese may not be ready for a national level democracy. But democracy also need a constant exercise especially for Chinese who have no history, experience, and knowledge for democracy. If CCP will fall in 50 years, it is very important to start the small scale democracy exercise now, no matter from the bottom or upper level! The exercise may also start from elites, farmers, merchants, workers, residents or shanghaiese, hongkonger...may last for 20 years, 40 years, 60 years....may change according the responses....may stop while waiting for the independent judicial systems....may discontinue because of big mistakes....may take a slightly different style for different regions.....but whatever, we must start! when CCP still have power to control everything, and when we still have a little time to survive from the mistakes.

We can risk our nation by burying our heads in the sand praying that one day people will suddenly have the faith, have the experience in operating a whole new system, have the ability to accept the loss... have everything that is essential for a working democracy.
It will never happen without the work-out! And this work-out must be exercising democracy itself instead of just becoming city residents, becoming a high school graduate, becoming a regilious believer or something else... And this work out takes time!
I am not sure if HU is an ostrich or not, but I hope not...I hope he is not too stupid to be fooled by the fools. I hope he is not too timid to be scared by those bullies. As an engineer, he should immediately start experimenting ideas for the future massive democracy project of China.

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