September 26, 2005

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David Webb does Disneyland

David Webb has a simple request to Hong Kong's Government: let the taxpayers of Hong Kong see the accounts, agreements and details of Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd. He also asks a rhetorical question: was this a good use of 280 hectares and why was there no tender?

Don't hold your breath waiting for answers.

posted by Simon on 09.26.05 at 06:11 PM in the Hong Kong Disneyland category.


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Very interesting. I've just posted a translation of a satirical video in Cantonese that asks some of the same questions.

posted by: Stephen Frost on 09.26.05 at 06:39 PM [permalink]

Today's SCMP reports Disney are looking at opening a park in Seoul. The least the HK Government could have done is ensured Disney won't open another Disney in Asia for say 10 years, to give us a shot at getting the money back!

posted by: Simon on 09.28.05 at 10:30 AM [permalink]

Perhaps this is Disney's answer to Mr Webb: Shut up you Long Hair! Or I shall let a thousand Disney parks bloom in Asia!

posted by: Letters from China on 09.30.05 at 05:20 PM [permalink]

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