September 23, 2005

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about car pooling, i guess it is the pressure from taxi industry. (i could trace the source to oil price that pressed the taxi drivers, but i would rather not stretch it:) )

but note that in HK, it is illegal to share a taxi with a stranger as well. (Honger call it "Fishing" -- Diao-ni-mang/Due-nai-marn) the taxi driver will be fined if caught.

what these people do not realize is that allowing car and taxi pooling is exactly what would help to solve the problem created by further increase of oil price (get rid of price control).

posted by: sunbin on 09.23.05 at 02:10 PM [permalink]

It is illegal to share taxis in Hong Kong, just as it's illegal to negotiate fares...but it still happens.

They will struggle to ban car pooling - who's going to dob in the car poolers? It's if the car poolers start charging for the ride, effectively becoming taxis themselves, that will bring trouble.

And yet for anyone that's ridden a Chinese taxi, anything has to be an improvement.

posted by: Simon on 09.23.05 at 02:56 PM [permalink]

An excellent site (with the exception of the advert for the execrable Capitalist Solutions)!

As an expat gweilo with interest in HK/Taiwan/China politics and culture, I really appreciate your comprehensive coverage, user-friendly links, and often astute commentary.

keep it up, mate!

posted by: David on 09.24.05 at 01:56 PM [permalink]

Thank you, David.

posted by: Simon on 09.25.05 at 05:56 AM [permalink]

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