September 22, 2005

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Daily linklets 22nd September posted by Simon on 09.22.05 at 12:54 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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oh, come on! The whole jet blue thing was rigged, because they were suffering their first quarterly loss since the beginning of the company.

They just wanted to restore confidence with high drama.

posted by: doug crets on 09.22.05 at 02:22 PM [permalink]

You mean it's not a new reality TV show?

posted by: Simon on 09.22.05 at 03:12 PM [permalink]

Actually, you m ight be on to something. Or on something.

posted by: doug crets on 09.22.05 at 06:04 PM [permalink]

That "blogger's handbook" sounds like a publicity stunt. It was commented that it can't be downloaded in China, so who is it aimed at? A bit like the Germans passing the Enigma machine to Bletchley Park.

posted by: Bromgrev on 09.23.05 at 07:21 PM [permalink]

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