September 21, 2005

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Daily linklets 21st September posted by Simon on 09.21.05 at 12:32 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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howard french and "liu kin-ming's biased article
Excerpt: given such background of Liu. i would advise you read his writing with a grain of salt, and, be critical.
Weblog: howard french and "liu kin-ming's biased article
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Thanks, as always for the links Simon. Yesterday's Linklets were the best ever in my opinion.

Congratulations also, on the UK Guardian newsblog link. It was funny, last night I was actually reading the Guardian newsblog, came across the Starbucks/Great Wall post and then realised that that the story had come from Simonworld. Could have knocked me down with a feather!

Hope it provides a few extra hits.

posted by: Martyn on 09.21.05 at 12:50 PM [permalink]

Thanks Martyn - yesterday's linklets did seem a particularly "heavy" edition.

As for the Guardian link, it was worth a few hits and it's always nice to get noticed by such places. Clearly no patch on your Instalanche...but I'll take it.

posted by: Simon on 09.21.05 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Unfortunatey, Insta-lanches happen but once in blue moon but I'm pleased that I was fortunate enough for it to happen to me once. When they do come around, it a makes for a hell of a time sitting watching 600-700 hits per hour come in.

I think we China people do well to have such a great blogasphere. I just wish all those Blogspot and Blog-City people would move to a non-blocked-in-China blog host.

After all, if I was a Chinese censor looking at the list of all the China-related blogs on Blogspot and Blog-City, I'd be feeling very pleased with myself.

You can't tell me that those blog hosting sites are way and above better than the hundreds of the blog hosting services.

Sorry, glad I got that off my chest. It's a bit of a pet peeve I have.

posted by: Martyn on 09.22.05 at 04:08 AM [permalink]

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