September 21, 2005

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Red space, green money

There's a massive irony when Communist China's space agency is showing captialist America's NASA how it's done. The SCMP:

Despite strict secrecy surrounding the launch date of the Shenzhou VI manned space flight, state television is already selling advertisements to promote the launch, state press reported yesterday. China Central Television is offering advertising slots ranging from 2.56 million yuan for five seconds to 8.56 million yuan for 30 seconds, the Beijing Modern Commercial Daily reported.

The flight, China's second manned space flight, is scheduled to take place next month, although no date has been announced. Two astronauts are expected to orbit the Earth for five days in a mission different from the Shenzhou V that orbited the Earth 14 times in a 21-hour flight in 2003.
Now if we can just work out how to cram some reality TV stars onto that rocket, we'll really be onto a winner.

posted by Simon on 09.21.05 at 09:34 AM in the China economy category.


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...and if there is a weekly program on the training and selection of astronaunt (incorporate SMS to vote out astronaut candidate?), maybe they can even fund the flight!

posted by: sun bin on 09.21.05 at 12:08 PM [permalink]

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