September 16, 2005

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You may have noticed that I have added Blogads to the left sidebar. For an extremely low cost you can have an ad seen by 12,000 Hong Kong, China and Asia focussed visitors each week. Placing an ad is easy: just follow this advertise on Simon World link.

The proceeds from advertising on this site go towards improving it. Once there's enough in the kitty I'll be getting some much needed behind the scenes work done, as well as some cosmetic surgery on the bits you can see...just as any reasonable tai-tai would. Anything leftover will go into a newly formed marketing budget which will include buying ads on other blogs (sharing the wealth) and an unlimited expense account (spending the wealth).

So get busy and get advertising.

posted by Simon on 09.16.05 at 05:56 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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I have been a long time fan of your site, so I am happy to say that I have taken up your call and bought an ad on your site for the next three months. I submitted it and paid yesterday, and I look forward to seeing it soon!

Thank you for all the excellent work you do on this site.

Steve from

posted by: Steve on 09.20.05 at 07:44 AM [permalink]

Thanks Steve. Your ad should be up and running.

posted by: Simon on 09.20.05 at 09:43 AM [permalink]

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