September 15, 2005

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New blog mascot

This site has a new mascot...and I've discovered how much I'm worth (about $11,000 and 2 giraffes).

Firstly, the blurb.

Simon, a Red Panda, plays in a tree at Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo September 5, 2005. Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo has a new addition, a rare Chinese-born Red Panda. The eight kilogram (19 pound) bear-like mammal was purchased two months ago from a zoo in Singapore for about $11,000 and in exchange for two giraffes.
Sounds like a fair exchange.

Now introducing Simon the panda:


Thanks to Spirit Fingers for the pointer.

The Simon the panda original news link.

posted by Simon on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM in the Site Stuff category.


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Cute bear :)

posted by: MQube on 09.15.05 at 11:44 AM [permalink]

Not bad. I think I rate at about $75 and a grackle.

posted by: Jim on 09.15.05 at 09:24 PM [permalink]

Now, I personally love the little guy, but are you really keen to be modelling the site after an animal that is generally considered a vermin?

Not that I would mind him. He's got "sit him on my lap and feed him peanut butter" written all over him. The question is, really-is he a chick magnet?

Only time can tell, Simon. Only time can tell.

posted by: Helen on 09.15.05 at 10:35 PM [permalink]

Depressingly, I decided to Google my name and see if any animals have my name.

I'm not only one of the more unattractive (although at least I get to be clever) animals, I'm a senior citizen and they want to make out with a fellow senior citizen with the unfortunate name of "Timmie". I think I may just end it all now. God knows, I can do without hoovering up all that silver hair on the bed linens in the morning.

posted by: Helen on 09.15.05 at 10:40 PM [permalink]

What a beautiful red panda! Honestly, few creatures are so darn cute--half kitten, half teddy bear. At my local zoo, there's always a huge crowd of both kids and adults in front of our red panda exhibit.

posted by: Mad Minerva on 09.15.05 at 11:12 PM [permalink]

I like to think of myself as an endangered species, or in the politically correct terminology, "existence challenged".

posted by: Simon on 09.16.05 at 11:08 AM [permalink]

can u send me sum pics of simon the red panda 2 my email thanks

posted by: lauren on 10.07.05 at 08:00 PM [permalink]

Lauren, just right click on the picture and save it to your computer using "Save picture as..."

posted by: Simon on 10.08.05 at 11:01 AM [permalink]

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