September 14, 2005

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Hu, Liu Yazhou, China's special forces & Kashmir

After a month long break, the Jamestown Foundation's China Briefs are back. As always, some great reading for China watchers:

1. Willy Lam talks about President Hu's consolidation of power while he tries to maintain social stability. Lam's writings are always must reads.

2. A senior commissar, general and princeling of the CCP, Liu Yazhou, continues to publish provocative articles. As the article states, it is a "startling indication of policy discussion and change" when a senior establishment member is publishing such articles without censorship.

3. Matrin Andrew looks at the challenges for China's special forces with terrorism, riots and the Olympics.

4. China's policy on Kashmir, a key aspect of China's policy in dealing with both Pakistan and India.

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