September 07, 2005

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Enjoying the view from my Central eyrie, I cast an eye upon the rapidly dimishing Hong Kong harbour and enjoy watching Asia's World City in action. My attention rapidly shifts to the most ridiculous site in a city full of them: a massive electronic display at the top of the new mobile phone shaped AIG Tower in Central. While certainly edifiying for the occupants of Cheung Kong Centre, Citibank Plaza and the Bank of China buiding, it otherwise broadcasts above a population oblivious to its presence. And what quality broadcasts! So far I've enjoyed watching the worker bee in charge log in to his computer, read some emails and finally boot up a screen saver that revolves around displaying an advertisement for AIG and random colours.

A brilliant sales job by whomever sold the display (a poor quality photo is below the jump). I'd check the warranty, though. There appear several large blocks that are broken...I think. It's hard to tell.

The AIG building is now truly a Hong Kong landmark. Perhaps we can organise a switch. Put Hong Kong's regular TV up on the AIG building and broadcast the AIG screensaver to the Big Lychee's 7 million TV sets.

Who would notice the difference?

The AIG Building's Big TV in the Sky


posted by Simon on 09.07.05 at 02:51 PM in the Hong Kong category.


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You're just jealous of the fact that they're blocking your view of the Harbour :~D

posted by: spacehunt on 09.08.05 at 02:19 PM [permalink]

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