August 29, 2005

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Pimps and Hookers Banned From China's Streets

According to Xinhua, a new law is to take effect March 2006 penalizing offences against public order. From that date, there will be fines for pimps or for streetwalkers soliciting for sex. They can be held for up to 5 days or fined up to 500 yuan if they do so in a public place.

While there are laws also against prostitution, it seems this may be an attempt by the hidebound Chinese Communist Party to draw a line under what it regards as acceptable bounds of morality in 21st century China. For a quarter century, the gulf has grown between the utopian idealism of old Marxist regulations and the public reality. Perhaps the CCP has realized that its statute books have to better reflect the situation as it really is, if they also want people to respect the important laws that really matter!

Can't really see even public prostitution going away in China by next spring though...

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