August 19, 2005

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Separation and the heart

I will be travelling from Monday for the best part of 2 weeks on what Mrs M has dubbed "The World Terror Targets Tour", taking in the pollution of the Big Apple, the grime of Big Ben and a quick sojourn in the Land of Milk and Evacuations of orange-wearing nutters. In preparation I have done two things:

1. Massively increased my life insurance.
2. Asked Dave and Andres to again guest blog after their successful stint.

I will have intermittent blog access and will post when I can.

Unfortunately I will be away for the second anniversary of this site (that's the same as 56 human years). As such I have reposted directly below this "Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask", which I wrote to celebrate my first anniversary and is still right on the money. That post still brings in 30 hits a day and it got a truckload of trackbacks, so I figure it's time to milk it again. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

Enjoy and don't go toppling any oppressive Communist dictatorships while I'm gone.

posted by Simon on 08.19.05 at 06:06 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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I see a story coming on.

Let's talk.

posted by: doug on 08.19.05 at 06:17 PM [permalink]

Dave and Andres Gentry? I couldn't imagine a more diverse pair of guest bloggers. Excellent. Bring it on lads!

Have a good one Simon an don't do anything that I wouldn't do.

posted by: Martyn on 08.19.05 at 07:25 PM [permalink]

World terror targets tour?
You mean you visited Zamboanga last week? Or Bengaladesh? or maybe Southern Thailand?
Or were you in Colombia when the three priests were murdered last week?
Actually, you are probably safer in NYC than in Manila...

posted by: tioedong on 08.21.05 at 09:23 AM [permalink]

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