August 15, 2005

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Daily linklets 15th August posted by Simon on 08.15.05 at 01:16 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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Is Korea Blocking Blogger and Typepad Blogs?
Excerpt: The following bloggers report that they've been blocked in Korea: The Asia Pages, The Big Hominid, and The Lost Nomad. Simon World claims it affects both Blogger and Typepad, which would seem to affect both my own site and NKZone....
Weblog: North Korea zone
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Does Taiwan belong to the US?
Excerpt: Over at The Horse's Mouth, the author of this article makes the case that Taiwan is legally United States territory. He wrote (excerpt): Japan did not sign a formal peace treaty until September 8, 1951. Known as the Treaty of
Weblog: Bluejives Uncertain Reality Principle
Tracked: August 18, 2005 02:33 AM


Thanks, Simon.


posted by: Kevin Kim on 08.15.05 at 10:04 PM [permalink]

All your Taiwan belong to us!

posted by: Eaglespeak on 08.16.05 at 09:14 PM [permalink]

Taiwan is not US territory.

In order for a title deed to stay valid, territorial acquisition had to be effective on the ground within a reasonable period. In effect, it had to be completed by effective possession (modus adquisitionis). The holder of the legal title had to confirm its sovereignty by effectively exercising it. The US may have a claim of title deed (the treaty with Japan), which in itself is highly contestable, but it had neither effective possession nor active administration over Taiwan. It does not have modus adquisitionis.

But the US can certainly try to establish modus adquisitionis. I'm sure the PRC would be just itching to try out their new weapons from Russia.

posted by: bluejives on 08.18.05 at 02:56 AM [permalink]

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