July 21, 2005

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Fear and loathing in Singapore

Hemlock's famous why Singapore is a pathetic place* can add another point. The Lion City has become a crime capital as the jobless hoardes roam the streets. Reuters says Singapore has recorded a 28% increase in crimes in the first half of this year. Meanwhile fabulous Hong Kong has recorded a 6% drop, reports the SCMP (just jump past the many pages of fawning Disneyland coverage). The official press release notes mainlanders' contributions to Hong Kong's crime scene: Most [of their crimes] involved theft, forged documents and immigration offences. However, the involvement of Mainlanders in prostitution and illegal employment remain comparably significant.

Hong Kong's immigration policies do not currently provide for Singaporean refugees. Yet.

* Note to Singaporean readers: reading Hemlock's list on your computer may or may not constitute a crime. Go to the page, read and wait 5 minutes. If the police haven't arrived, you're safe.

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Mainlanders are involved in prostitution in HK? Who knew?

posted by: Conrad on 07.21.05 at 03:41 PM [permalink]

They're the ones not marching through Lan Kwai Fong to gawk at the gweilos.

posted by: Simon on 07.21.05 at 03:43 PM [permalink]

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