July 12, 2005

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Daily linklets 12th July posted by Simon on 07.12.05 at 02:34 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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First Ever MeiZhongTai Roundup
Excerpt: I'm not trying to steal any thunder from Simon and his famous roundup of daily linklets, but I found a few interesting stories worthy of mention. Included in this roundup is a beauty queen, a port full of sailors with too much leisure time on their h...
Weblog: MeiZhongTai
Tracked: July 12, 2005 07:01 PM

Faster Pussycat!
Excerpt: Two quickies: This lovely young woman has NO IDEA what the words on her shirt mean. And how to be a fake celebrity in China. via SimonWorld...
Weblog: pf.org
Tracked: July 13, 2005 06:54 AM


Simon, it behooves me to regretfully inform you that Sina has not quite outdone Xinhua on the flesh factor quite yet. As I mentioned at the Peking Duck, the woman on the picture isn't quite a woman. Thats a transgendered man. :)

posted by: Jing on 07.12.05 at 08:06 PM [permalink]

Hey, I'm non-discriminatory...as is Sina.

posted by: Simon on 07.12.05 at 08:10 PM [permalink]

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