July 08, 2005

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There's something serious going on in the senior ranks of the CCP at the moment. The SCMP:

A high-profile education campaign aimed at improving the quality of incompetent Communist Party cadres will only help to reduce the increasing number of protests over rampant corruption rather than fix the problem entirely, a senior official said yesterday.

In a rare press conference by a top party official, the vice-director of the Central Organisation Department, Li Jingtian , said the "mass incidents" in China had arisen because local authorities had been incapable of dealing with widespread grievances among rural residents.

"Some of our grass-roots cadres are probably less competent and unable to resolve the conflicts that triggered the incidents."

There has clearly been a directive from someone at the top to start dealing with these local protests lest they topple the CCP from power. Fancy a senior official admitting that local cadres are incompetent. Luckily, the CCP have an answer...re-education:
He said he believed the three-phase "Advanced Education Campaign", launched at the start of the year by President Hu Jintao to engage the country's 69 million party members, would cut down on the number of protests....the campaign, which focuses on party members' self-education rather than meting out tough punishment for corrupt and incompetent cadres, should not be viewed as a political movement involving purges or rectification.
A bit different to the olden days. I can see peasants happily renouncing violence now they know their incompetent local cadres are getting non-purging, non-punishing self-education.

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