July 08, 2005

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Reaction to the London bombing

some of the online media reaction from Chinese and other media sites to the London bombing.

Below the jump is Xinhua's English language page this morning. See any mention of the London bombing? In fact Xinhua does have a brief report and now has placed a small set of photos linking to the report. The People's Daily says China resolutely condemns the attacks. The PLA Daily doesn't yet seemed to have caught up with the news. The China Daily has an entire special coverage subsite on the London bombings.

The always amusing official North Korean outlet, the KNCA, says Kim Jong Il is a genius of arts (you get that after your masters' degree) and the eagerly awaited Volume 59 of Kim Il Sing's completed works have just been published. Nothing on the London bombings yet.


Kevin has some translations of some offensive Chinese online reactions to the bombings.
Hong Kong blogger Discover China has some pics of Chinese papers on the disaster.


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I was reading those comments, and was completely outraged, I felt ashamed.

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