July 06, 2005

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In praise of apathy

The SCMP discusses the hue and cry over Hong Kong lawmakers' declining productivity:

As the first session of the new Legco's four-year term draws to a close this month, only 20 bills have been passed, compared to 37 in the 2003-2004 legislative session. Even if three remaining bills are passed this afternoon at the final weekly meeting for this legislative session, the total figure is still dramatically less than last year.
Maybe it's just me, but fewer laws are a good thing. Kudos to Legco...long may they continue to drag their feet.

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I guess the hue and cry is to be expected in a city where efficiency is prized above creative, lateral thinking. I agree with you though, the less laws the better...

posted by: David on 07.06.05 at 06:01 PM [permalink]

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