June 28, 2005

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Hot enough for you?

The fuss over Hong Kong's attempt to stage Olympic equestrian events continues. Compare and contrast these two articles:

Firstly the SCMP reports "Olympic horses 'could die in HK heat':

Equestrian expert Tang Pui-tat has warned that horses could die in the heat if Hong Kong hosts the sport during the Beijing Olympics..."Will horses which come from cooler climes like Europe be able to cope in the hot and humid weather conditions we experience in August? Some horses could die, especially during the gruelling eventing which combines jumping hurdles and cross-country," Mr Tang said.

Organisers want to move equestrian events to Hong Kong because they cannot guarantee an equine disease-free zone in Beijing.

Fair point...let's turn to Xinhua from last week:
A heatwave gripped 13 provinces and regions across the country yesterday with the mercury hitting 42 C in some parts, meteorolical officials said...In Beijing, some parts registered 39.4 C - and the ground temperature was a scorching 50 C.
It's no cooler in Beijing. Those European horses better start some serious sauna work.

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I dunno-Summer Olympics including equestrian events have also been hosted in Athens, which is prety searingly hot in August, and LA. It's not like the horses haven't seen the heat, they just maybe haven't seen the Beijing heat.

posted by: Helen on 06.28.05 at 03:27 PM [permalink]

One thing that crossed my mind is the high (as in pushing 100%) humidity in summer Hong Kong. You think that would make a difference to the horses?

Athens and even Beijing are hot but dry. I never understood what humidity really was until I walked out of Kai Tak Airport.

I don't mind hot and dry but hot and humid is a killer (no pun). Perhaps horses are the same?

posted by: Joe on 06.28.05 at 04:33 PM [permalink]

BTW Simon, you working on your monthly stats yet? I always look forward to them. Hey, no shame in it.

posted by: Joe on 06.28.05 at 04:34 PM [permalink]

Monthly stats will be Friday or early next week.

The humidity thing is a valid point, but it's been 10 degrees hotter in Beijing last week. Helen's right - if the horses aren't ready for the heat, they don't deserve to be in the Olympics. In fact there's a few glue factories near Beijing...

posted by: Simon on 06.28.05 at 06:07 PM [permalink]

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