June 10, 2005

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Notes from Nippon

In the traditional Japanese way, I was told I must leave for the airport 4 hours before my flight left Narita because it is a 2 hour plus drive. 45 minutes later I'm standing at the check-in counter listening to why the flight has been delayed by an hour, meaning I now have approximately 3 hours to kill.

Some brief observations from the land of the warm toilet seat:

1. What gives with the toilet seats? When I say warm, I mean toasty. I've never seen toilets with an instruction sheet until this trip.

2. Had breakfast with Lord Curzon and Gaijin Biker. Turns out GB and I have a mutual friend, again proving it is not six degrees of seperation, merely two.

3. Rappongi.

4. What is it about the interaction of grease, fat and alcohol? Nothing cures a hangover quite like eggs benedict and a kebab.

5. I've travelled to Tokyo several times in the past few years and it seems there is a creeping understanding of English. The hegemony continues.

6. Is there a difference between bidet and wide spray? Not according to my research.

7. It might cost the GDP of a small African nation, but goddamn the beef is good. Hand massaging cows clearly works.

8. Can any sociologists explain why the bouncers of Rappongi are primarily African (I'm guessing Nigerian)?

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Excerpt: A BREAK FROM THIS CREEPING... CRISIS? Simon World makes an observation, among others, about the sanitary device pictured above: "Is there a difference between bidet and wide spray? Not according to my research." I concur....
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Go the kebab!

posted by: Fabian on 06.10.05 at 07:07 PM [permalink]

Hangovers require copious amounts of hot sauce added to grease and fat.

Also, I think I would prefer not to have the toilet seat heated. I prefer the illusion that mine is the first butt ever to touch said seat. That illusion cannot co-exist with the heated seat.

posted by: RP on 06.10.05 at 11:17 PM [permalink]

Sometimes it can take 2 hours, but usually that's from Yokohama or elsewhere in Kanagawa. The only way to know exactly when you will get to Narita is to take the train. I have had the opposite experience of arriving with very little time to spare.

posted by: skippy-san on 06.12.05 at 01:42 AM [permalink]

Unless you're visiting somewhere I've never heard of, it's "Roppongi" and the answer is probably that [gross generalization alert!] the Japanese are more afraid of being touched by black people than by any other race on this planet but are nonetheless infatuate with the visual distinctiveness of Africans. Just a theory, which is to say, an informed conclusion based on personal observation, experience and substantial scholarship....

posted by: Jonathan Dresner on 06.13.05 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

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