May 31, 2005

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Saint Schapelle Corby

Phil asked me by email why I've not commented on Schapelle Corby. My reply:

I toyed with the idea but really I don't care enough. [Ed. - But I've posted this, thus contradicting myself. Who ever said consistency was important in this case?] I find the general Aussie reaction has been incredibly patronising ("those stupid Indonesians don't know how to run a trial" or "the cops set her up") and the sainthood of this woman has been based on nothing more than newspaper beat-ups. Given none of us were in the court, saw the evidence etc. it seems incredible to me that 90%+ of Aussies "know" she's innocent. And all this nonsense of boycotting Bali makes no sense whatsoever.

I agree with your post. There are a couple of aspects that prima facie don't make sense to me, but as I said I don't know the full facts and it is up to the defense to provide them in the case. That said the Indonesian justice system doesn't come out too well either- 3 judges who had never acquitted, for one.

I'll add that Mr Brown makes a pertinent point on the relative sentencing in Indonesia. And that the Indonesian police forensic team could do with some training.

I doubt if the reaction would have been the same if it was an overweight 50 year old Australian man in the dock. Or if it had been an Indonesian woman caught at Sydney airport with 4kg of grass in her bags. But the story has filled many metres of newspapers and hours of radio and TV. Pretty young female heroine (pun intended), dodgy third world trial, shoddy courts and's a media wet dream. They'll be flogging this one until kingdom come.

Right-o, back to not caring.

Other reading

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