May 30, 2005

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Too cool for you

A study by a Hong Kong university has revealed what any person living here could tell you: Hong Kong's office buildings are the coldest in the world:

Most Hong Kong offices keep their temperature at between 21 (70 Fahrenheit) to 22 degrees Celsius (72 Fahrenheit) _ with the coldest office measuring 17.6 degrees (64 Fahrenheit) _ well below the recommended 25 degrees (77 Fahrenheit)...

Lawmaker Choy So-yuk was quoted as saying in the statement that she has on occasions left legislative meetings to get more clothing because the building was too cold.

Clearly the study did not include Hong Kong's taxis, which have the air con set at 7 degrees Celcius all year around. They also clearly excluded movie theatres, hosptials and any other enclosed space in this city. But if not for these Arctic conditions, how would the city's tai tais be able to parade their winter fashions?

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Too cold for you dear?
Excerpt: Heartless Hong Kong administrators! We have it good here in Singapore -- 24°C* (75F)! Beat that, 1°C (~2F)!
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