May 25, 2005

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Disney's shark attack

Part of the ongoing Hong Kong Disneyland series.

Hong Kong Disneyland is lying low in the controversy over its plan to serve shark fin soup. Doug Crets in today's Standard reports on the growing criticism from environmentalists and the start of an email campaign to Disney CEO Michael Eisner over the issue.

You can help.

Let's start by looking what Disney's own website says:

Under the title "Environmentality" (that's a word?):

Environmental Impact

Identify and understand the direct and indirect impact that Disney facilities, operations, business practices, products and services may have on health, safety and the environment. Identify potential areas of concern and develop pro-active guidelines.

Promote wildlife and habitat conservation through partnerships with the scientific and academic communities, and organizations committed to preserving the earth's biodiversity.

That doesn't gel with Disney's lame "but everyone else serves shark fin soup so we will too". Disney runs a Wildlife Conversation Fund and trumpets their "green" credentials. They even publish an "Enviroport" (what is it with Disney and mangled English?) showcasing their "significant environmental accomplishments".

So what can you do? Join the campaign. For a start you can go to HK Disneyland's website, go to the "Ask Jacky (Cheung)" section and ask why they plan to serve shark fin soup and watch Jade to see if he answers. Alternatively you can ask via their feedback form.

Other reading

Phil exposes the fallacy of the cultural excuse.
A short CNN story of the problems of shark fin.
A link to a full report on the devastation the shark fin soup trade is having on sharks.

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