May 10, 2005

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Rebecca MacKinnon discusses a point that has long been both obvious and frustrating: the blogosphere is even more inwardly focussed than mainstream media (check out the map).

The Global Voices project (and the impressive daily roundups) are part of the answer. The suggestion of "blog tours" for A-list bloggers is another. But I don't thing this puzzle has a full solution. The reality is blog readers go where they will; as Richard noted recently even links from A-lister Kevin Drum and Slate don't bring a noticeable jump in hits on topics such as China. I fear the problem is not just with bloggers but with the audience. Bloggers are more finely tuned to their readership (whether they admit it or not) than even the biggest of media companies. It's a function of the incredibly competitive marketplace that is the blogosphere. Bloggers don't become popular, in the main, by pointing to bloggers around the world. The readers aren't interested.

As much as we would like, we cannot force people to adopt a broader world view. It's frustrating that many cannot recognise there is a word outside their borders. One day that will change, whether the insular are ready or not.

Other Reading

Ethan Zuckerman examines the blogging of humanitarian disasters and has the original research with the mapping of international news in the blogosphere, including a comparison against Google News.

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I tried to read this post. But it didn't fit well with my world view and so I stopped. Maybe if someone else links to it I will!

Kidding, of course. In all seriousness, is this really a problem? Most people don't derive all their news from one source anymore. Blogs provide commentary on news and sometimes break news. I guess I'd be more concerned if no one picked up a newspaper and just read blogs.

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