May 04, 2005

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Money makes the world go around

You may have noticed the new ad slots in the left sidebar. Blogging is one of those ventures that suffers from dis-economies of scale: the bigger a blog gets, the more expensive it is to run. Please give these reasonably priced ads a try (price list below the fold). Just go to Textads and signup. If you intend to buy something via Amazon, please consider using the search box on this page as I get a small commission on such purchases. Alternatively you can click through on some of the Google ads that appear on individual entries. Finally there is the Paypal donation button should you feel inclined to send a few bucks into the piggy bank.

All the revenues raised go into improving this site, funding it and new ventures. I am trying to keep them relatively unobtrusive. Any suggestions, comments or feedback are welcome.

Price list (in US dollars):

CPM: $2.00 per thousand page impressions (these ads are shown X number of times before expiring)
CPC: $0.20 per click (these ads are shown until they have been clicked X number of times)
Timed ads: $10.00 per week

There is a minimum purchase of $10 per individual ad.

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I found textads to be a complete waste of time. They kept trying to push things on me which I didn't (and don't) want to be associated with such as: a smear campaign against a dentist; ads for online casinos; spam and associated products; etc.

Things would show up in my advertising bar which I'd have deleted if they showed up in the comments. Not good.

Also, I made almost no money from it.

I found that Google Adsense ( was far more effective. Ads are chosen which match the content of the page and I've never seens anything objectionable there.

posted by: dave on 05.04.05 at 09:27 PM [permalink]

*sigh* "seens" should be "seen", of course. And of course you have Adsense bars on the comment pages.

posted by: dave on 05.04.05 at 09:29 PM [permalink]

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