May 03, 2005

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Daily linklets 3rd May
  • Give me your money or the bunny gets it.
  • New Hong Kong blog: Blog the talk. By the gents behind Walk the Talk, it covers history, architecture, identity and collective memory in urban spaces in Hong Kong and Macau. For example for May Day they take a look at Communists in Hong Kong. A site to watch.
  • While on Hong Kong blogs, it's good to have Phil of Flying Chair back in action.
  • Michael Auslin of Yale writes in IHT on the recent anti-Japan riots and says the current squabbles are a reflection of growing competition amongst emerging Asian powers. These powers (Japan, Korea, China) are working out how to relate to each other in this "new world order". Sooner or later they will realise they have more in common than they first suppose. For example it is in China's longer term interest for Japan to join it in the Security Council.
  • Daniel Starr has 6 tools to keep China from making trouble.
  • Bruce notes the KMT and Communists have finally made peace. It is remarkable. At the same time, however, it is also remarkable that an opposition party to be making contacts with an effective enemy of the state, undermining the duly democratically elected Government. In a very real sense it is subversive. While the aim of peace and reconciliation is laudable it seems to me the KMT is deliberately undermining President Chen. But that's the point.
  • Marcus Cicero muses on freedom and control in China.
  • Had dinner last week with Mr Brown, Miyagi, Cowboy Caleb and James Seng. Good beer, good satay and a good discussion. Singapore's blogosphere have their act together and are going through some exciting times - Tomorrow has been a great success.
  • Hong Kong's birth rate is the lowest in the world. I hope The Don's 3 child policy implements immediate tax breaks for those of us with 3 kids already.
  • MM has an interview from US Air Force Lt. Col. Mark Stokes, who was the USA's Defence country director for Taiwan for 7 years. He has some alarmist views on China's threat to Taiwan. Of course Taiwan is considering a massive purchase of US arms...
  • The New Blog Showcase is up for this week.
  • (12:39) Hong Kong's blogosphere proves the local mainstream media wrong when they try and cover the local blogging scene. Also Glutter tells the details of a TV interview she had that was severely edited. She intends to post the uncut version soon.
  • The history of China watching and how it's changed.
  • How Hong Kong harbour has been lost and found.
  • Email is bad for you. At least blogging is healthy...right?
  • If it's Fumier vs a professor of economics on the merits of the Cross-Harbour tunnel, I know who I'm backing. He also clearly describes the poor reporting from SCMP and The Standard on the Law Society's position on the Basic Law.
  • How not to dress for court.
  • China is forcibly repatriating two of its residents to Taiwan for partisan political reasons.
  • (14:05) Singapore uses defamation as an effective tool to supress free speech. A Singaporean blogger has closed their blog (one I regularly read) after facing threats of legal action. Naturally plenty of bloggers have been commenting and reacting, saying it is a sad day for Singaporean blogs. Sadly it has become another excuse to attack "big shot" Singapore bloggers for not being serious enough. And that misses the point entirely. The blogosphere is big enough to have many different voices. The whole point is those concerned with the "serious" can talk about it. Those who aren't can talk about whatever else they like. There's no point being judgemental. You can choose to visit or not visit any site you like. It's their website, their effort, their money that goes into it. If you are concerned, go write your own blog. Hell, some of those big shot blogs will likely link you soon enough.
  • Miyagi introduces the latest blogging tool: Graffiti.
  • Danwei has a good collection of China related links including fake management books, the Chinese cost myth and the origins of ice cream. They also note Mark Steyn is with me in the quietly optimistic camp on China.
  • A Chinese journalist, Shi Tai, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for illegally providing state secrets. ESWN looks into what were the "state secrets" involved.
  • A fully searchable database of North Korean propaganda and has the world's only KCNA Random Insult Generator.
  • Jodi's excellent The Asia Pages turned one yesterday. Happy blogday.
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Interesting link about the Communists in Hong Kong. thanks.

posted by: joann on 05.03.05 at 12:50 PM [permalink]

Aww poor Toby! Oh well, I never did have anything against the consumpution of delicious bunnies.

posted by: Kelvin on 05.03.05 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

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