April 27, 2005

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Morning Linklets

The Acorn has some more thoughts on that Indo-American plane deal. Also read up on Malaysian "voluntary vigilantes" attacking Indian software developers.


Rob at MIT reminds us to drink milk.

Barry Briggs at NKZone gives us the latest "That would be a declaration of war!" screed from Pyongyang.

Is Prime Minister Koizumi secretly a geishaphile Willy Wonka? If so, he's even cooler than I imagined.

But not everyone in Nihon is so happy. A blog dedicated to Japan's Lost Generation.

Chinese vandals destroyed the Japanese friendship tree in Sichuan, China. Even during the Second World War, my hometown (Sioux Falls) tried to maintain the Japanese Gardens. But at least they like ramen.

Protectionist Europe is lecturing China again. Still not as crummy as threatening to boycott Thailand's fisheries after the tsunami.

As usual, the British lower-upper-brow "newspaper" The Economist is interesting. This week: American Congressional protectionism, managing unrest in China, and the Simon-apropos New Style Expat.

Slashdot hosts a discussion on the latest attempt to build a Great Firewall of China.

Curzon at Coming Anarchy adds his thoughts on the Pyongyang Soccer Riot. Meanwhile, Chirol discovers Coming Anarchy was featured on MSNBC. Congratulations!


Misadventures in Tokyo (again) presents... A funny.

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