April 27, 2005

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Morning Linklets

Crazy day today (in the real world). Here's the first batch

posted by Dan tdaxp on 04.27.05 at 12:23 AM in the Daily linklets category.


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Hey Dan,

Great site ! I'll have to add Simonworld to the blogroll.

Putin, so far, is a guy whose conservative bark is a lot worse than his bite - or the bite of his potential rivals.

It would be nice if Yabloko had not badly alienated the populace in Yeltsin's day and that the liberals were strong and vigorous but unfortunately, they aren't.

They have a few years to get it together to be on par with the neo-Communists and the rightist crackpots so when Putin's successor is chosen, the democrats are a force to be reckoned with. They need the time - badly. I hope they use it.

posted by: mark safranski on 04.27.05 at 01:37 AM [permalink]

Wonderful. That's certainly preferable to people dropping SW from their blogroll because of my participation! :)

Your comments on Russia are exactly right, as usual.

posted by: Dan on 04.27.05 at 04:04 AM [permalink]

Thanks Dan !

It was nice to ramble on about something that's actually somewhat in my field instead of just bloviating in general ;o)

posted by: mark safranski on 04.27.05 at 07:40 AM [permalink]

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