April 26, 2005

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Protests at Nanjing Thwarted

Protester at Nanjing, 22 April 2005.  © Reuters/Toru Hanai

Because so many people seem to be complaining that the last batch of protesting Shanghai beauties weren't angry enough, here's a lady from an anti-Japanese protest in Nanjing Tokyo [ed. Thanks Bingfeng!] on Friday that's showing a lot more passion, although probably not as hot.

Worth noting is the story that this picture came with: Nanjing authorities arrested a man for planning an anti-Japanese protest.

State media reported on Monday that Chinese police have detained a netizen attempting to launch an anti-Japanese protest on May Day.

This is the strongest sign to date that China is trying to avoid a re-enactment of this month's violent anti-Japanese protests. Chinese people believe that Japan is whitewashing its history of invasion through authorizing revised textbooks, leading them to the streets in anger.

The Yangtze Evening News reports that the arrested 20-year-old male has the Internet alias YMAKELOVE [ed.: *snicker*], and had been encouraging people on a popular chat room to follow after the protesters in Beijing and Shanghai. The thousands of protesters in the two cities had thrown rocks and bottles at Japanese legations.

The newspaper also reports that he threatened to detonate car bombs at the protests, to create a stronger effect.

This man had encouraged protests in the chat room on the evenings of 19 and 20 April. Police then traced him to an Internet cafe, and arrested him in the morning of 21 April.

Police says that he left school last year for poor academic performance, and accuse him of “fabricating and broadcasting false terror messages.”

After capturing this man on Thursday, Chinese Public Security vowed to severely discipline anyone participating in unauthorized protests.

Previous, protests occurred in many major Chinese cities, lowering Sino-Japanese relations to their lowest point in decades. The Communist Party has launched an advertising campaign to encourage citizens not to hate Japanese people.

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Not enough skin.

posted by: bluejives on 04.26.05 at 06:41 AM [permalink]

Hey, no dissing the qipao! It's high-class Chinese female fashion! :)

posted by: Kelvin on 04.26.05 at 09:15 AM [permalink]


this is a protest in tokyo, japan, not in nanjing, china.

these japanese (and some westerners as well) protested against japan's revision of hisstory textbooks.

simon, i wonder where do you get this "nanjing protest" pic?

posted by: bingfeng on 04.26.05 at 10:16 AM [permalink]

i can't submit the link of the original pic due to:

"Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: com dot cn"

posted by: bingfeng on 04.26.05 at 10:19 AM [permalink]

ok, here is it:

http://www.chinadaily.com dot cn/english/doc/2005-04/22/content_436719_2.htm

posted by: bingfeng on 04.26.05 at 10:21 AM [permalink]

Oops sorry when I read it in Chinese it's all 'jing' so I missed that. Thanks for the tip.

The picture was from the article about the clampdown in Nanjing (see link), hence the confusion.

BTW Simon's away this week. We're a bunch of guest bloggers here to wreck this fine establishment. ;)

posted by: Kelvin on 04.26.05 at 10:23 AM [permalink]

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