April 24, 2005

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Asia by Democratic Underground

It's too simplistic, but mainstream American politics can be divided into a line between left and right. To use personalities, it goes from

Far Left (Dennis Kucinich), Left (Howard Dean), Center Left (Hillary Clinton), Center (John McCain), Center Right (George Bush), Right (Newt Gingrich), Far Right (Patrick Buchanan)

All of these people either have or will run for a major party's nomination for President. Farther left than Kucinich, or farther right than Buchanan, someone can't even do that.

Websites also mirror this spread -- Democratic Underground is far left while Free Republic is far right. In a future post I'll look at with the Far Right is saying about Asia today, but below are average Democratic Underground "far left" comments on Asian issues...

On Human Rights

Mr. Hu should own up to what his own farkin government did in Tiennamen Square on June 4, 1989

So, does anyone know when Mr. Hu is scheduled to submit China's apology to the Dalai Lama for the rape of Tibet?

On Japanese-Chinese Relations

Chinese goal is regime change in Japan and cutting alliance and servitude to US, after which Taiwan will fall into Chinese lap like a ripe fruit.

aneerkoinois (again)
We in the West always think in terms of Aristotelian 'Law of the Excluded Middle', but in the East they don't. They accept the 'both and' also as logically valid.

So while the US bludgeons its way across the world stage, leaving car bombs and prison scandals in its wake, China puts another boot squarely up the ass of Uncle Sam, expanding their sphere of influence through trade and third world development.

France and China have no such scruples. China says it can legally and properly invade Taiwan; France says, Fine ... now, about that contract?

And China has the cash to buy loyalty. As the US once did.

On Koizumi's Apology

Exactly,. I think people are too quick to gloss this over because of the Chinese government's less-than-stellar actions. There are still people alive who suffered horribly. China definitely experienced a holocaust at Japanese hands, and the lack of official remorse by the Japanese government has been a continual slap in the face to WWII's survivors. Not teaching what really happened -- or worse, making it sound like it was a GOOD thing they did for China -- is a punch in the face after the slap. I think the rise of RW Nationalism in Japan is directly related to people not being educated about this.

Makes you wonder if Chinese textbooks.. contain references to the people murdered in the Cultural Revolutionthe millions slaughtered by Mao and his henchmen during his reign of terror. Or how much the people of Tibet (what few Tibetans there are) love the Chinese occupation of their homeland. Somehow I doubt it...

Do we judge Israeli policy now when analyzing what Jews had to suffer during WWII under the Germans? Japan brutalized Asia as much as the Germans brutalized Europe during WWII. Japan may want to get a clue and emulate the Germans post-war, too.

Conclusion: the far left of mainstream American politics share the following beliefs on Asia

  • China's government is repressive
  • China's government was even worse in the past
  • Japan's World War II actions are equivalent to genocide
  • China is deeply hostile to American and Japanese interests in Asia
  • China's leadership is much more competent than America's leadership, including their non-Western though patterns

Whether these views are accurate, or whether I accurately captured the mainstream far left, is left to the reader.

What are the views of the mainstream far right? That is a post for another time...

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It'll be interesting when you post the 'far-right' opinions, 'cuz I'm pretty sure that I'm going to find myself with the DUers more than the Freeps, which is against pretty much everything else in my political thoughts.

posted by: Kelvin on 04.24.05 at 07:16 AM [permalink]

Oh Kelvin, as a regular reader of the Free Republic (hidden one though, I don't dare reveal myself) I can answer that question myself fairly easily.

1) In ALL threads regarding China, invoke the name of Bill Clinton at least once, preferrably 4 or 5 times. Or more appropriately Klintoon, Xlinton, or simply traitor.

2) China is waging economic war against the United States. No ifs ands or buts, anyone who thinks otherwise is a Free "Traitor"(Trader). Impose tariffs NOW.

3) Chinese are a military menace. They apparently have bases all over Africa, South America (especially Panama thanks to another arch-traitor Jimmah Carter), and possibly France, Canada, and California.

4) Note that there is a degree of schizophrenia when it comes to the China threat. While most of the Free Republic posts exhibit of what I call tendency A as previously mentioned, a significant number exhibit tendency B, which is as follows. Chicoms are crap and we can kick their asses without breaking a sweat or better yet invoke Taiwan or Japan to kick their asses. God Bless America!

5) Chicoms are communist thus we can employ every age old pejorative from the aged and well-worn red-baiting playbook add in an uncommon and occassional racist remark and voila.

You may think I'm being facetious and you are right, but really though, beyond the howling and gnashing of teeth over Clinton, unending criticism of trade relations between China and the United States, and China threat fantasies/delirium, and the general anti-communist rhetoric there isn't really that much. Occassionally you may have a mention about human rights, but its generally relegated to bolster criticism of Clinton or criticism of trade policy or general anti-communist paranoia.

The opinions on China via the Free Republic all fall into two broad yet highly conclusive categories. The amusingly uninformed versus the willfully misinformed.

posted by: Jing on 04.24.05 at 07:14 PM [permalink]

John McCain is a lefty. Probably left of Hillary. Check out what he votes for and how he has used his influence. RINO at best. A Mancurian candidate?

posted by: Huggy on 04.26.05 at 04:21 AM [permalink]

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